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Make-Up Day Feb 17 for Weather-Related Cancellation

To make up for the instructional time lost due to the weather-related cancellation of school on Monday, Feb. 3, 2020, a make-up day will be held on Presidents Day.

All Canyons District schools will now hold school on Feb. 17 on their usual Monday schedules. Buses also will be operating that day.

The Presidents Day holiday was previously set aside by the District’s Calendar Committee as the designated make-up day for emergency school closures for the  2019-2020 school year. Under Utah law, public schools must conduct school for at least 990 instructional hours over a minimum of 180 days each academic year, and recover any days lost due to inclement weather. Districts are expected to build a recovery day into their calendars so as to provide families and employees advance notice of the possible need and timing for a make-up day.

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Reading Wars 2020

Reading Wars 2020 Competition

Hello! We are excited for Reading Wars 2.0! We had such a great experience last year and hope that, once again, this fun little challenge pushes our students to read a little bit more, discover new books, take more AR tests, and work on goals as a class. Last year, Park Lane read for a total of 181,943 minute! Which translates into over 126 days of reading. AWESOME!

As a quick review, Reading Wars is a reading minutes contest. During the length of Reading Wars, students keep track of all minutes read outside of school. They can do so using either the provided Reading Wars Tracker, or in their class planners they have been suing all year. To be eligible, these minutes must be accompanied by a parent signature. Please have either the signed planner or signed Reading Wars Tracker returned to school each day so minutes can be tabulated.

The Prizes!

  • The class that reads the most minutes in each grade will win $5 to spend at at the Book Fair, for every student in the winning class.
  • The student that reads the most minutes in each grade will win a Kindle!
  • The 2nd place student in each grade will win $15 to spend at the Book Fair.
  • The 3rd place student in each grade will win $10 to spend at the Book Fair.
  • The class with the most reading minutes brought in the previous day will get to keep our giant golden Reading Wars Trophy in their class.

Good Luck Panthers, and have fun too!

New Year Brings Renewed Commitment to Dual Language Immersion in CSD Schools

The Draper Elementary Dragons sure know a thing or two about celebrating the Lunar New Year.

In what has become a proud tradition, students this week performed Chinese songs and dances in the school’s brightly decorated gym while beaming parents looked on — the culmination of weeks of rehearsal and preparation and years of instruction in Mandarin. The school also welcomed visitors from the University of Utah’s Confucius Institute who are interested in hearing from students and parents about their experience with Dual Language Immersion, a model of instruction that is catching on nationally as an effective and efficient means of achieving fluency in a non-native language.

No other state has articulated a K-16 model like that being pioneered in Utah where, if students pass an Advanced Placement exam with a score of 3 or above, they can start taking college-level courses for early college credit. Canyons’ first Spanish, French and Chinese DLI classes opened in 2009, the same year that the District was founded. The District now home to DLI programs at 19 schools — and is committed to seeing the program thrive and grow.

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