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Attendance Policy

Park Lane Attendance Policy & Goals

Consistent school attendance is fundamental in education. At Park Lane we strive to have all students attend at least 95% of the school year. That means missing less than eight school days per school year.

Park Lane Elementary follows Utah Compulsory Education Law that states attendance is required for all students. Attendance is recorded in Skyward. Below is the process for excusing absences and notification of chronic absenteeism.

Attendance must be excused through the office (801-826-9025). Notifications to teachers only will not be excused. The office must have attendance entered into Skyward by 10:00 or the system will call home at 10:30.

Absence = Half-Day (3.25 hours/2.5 hours on Fridays) or Full-Day

  • Guardian Excused – Parent call within 1 week of absence
  • Other excusals including: Health care provider, bereavement, court, family even, mental health, religious or educational leave.
  • Unexcused – No parent or other notification received within 1 week of absence.


A student is tardy if not in class when the tardy bell rings and during the first 15 minutes of school.
Once the tardy bell rings, students need to get a tardy slip from the office. If they do not, they will be marked absent.

Way Late:
A student is way late if checking in after the first 15 minutes of school WITHOUT a parent or call.
A phone call will go home at 10:30 to notify parents that the student was not in school.

A check-in is after the first 15 minutes of school WITH a parent or call.

A check-out is any time a student is checked out during school hours.
Parents may call when they are no more than 5 minutes away and the office will call the student down to wait in the office.
Parents must come into the office to check out a student out and photo ID is required if office staff does not recognize you. 

Release Time
If a student misses school at the same time every week, parents should consider release time.
Fill out the form online at releases.canyonsdistrict.org.
Release time does not count against attendance.
Parents do not need to call or come in once approved.

Make-Up Work
If you are concerned about your student missing classwork when he or she is absent (other than vacation leave process), please email the teacher. Allow teachers at least 24 hours to respond to the make-up work request. Same day requests are usually not possible as teachers are engaged in instruction.

Chronic Absenteeism Letters

  • First Inquiry Letteror more unexcused absences
  • Second Inquiry Letter (Conference with Principal): 10 or more absences
  • Interventions with school team
  • If issues are not resolved, possible Certified Notification and Referral to the District

Chronic absenteeism, missing 10% or more, of the school year (including excused and unexcused absences) has a significant negative effect on student achievement and may put a student at academic risk.

Tips for Supporting Regular School Attendance

  • Set expectations early in the school year for your child to come to school every day and be consistent in enforcing them
  • Support your child in keeping a regular bedtime and establishing a morning routine.
  • Whenever possible, plan vacations and dental and doctor visits for when school is not in session.
  • Develop back-up plans for transportation; call on a family member, neighbor, or another parent.
  • Talk to your teachers or school counselors if your child feels anxious about going to school.
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