Learning Environment Requests and Class Lists

We will be creating class lists in May and will plan to let parents know of their student’s teacher for next year. We hope to be able to provide a quick teacher video clip for your students to get a brief introduction to their future teachers as well. If you will not be returning to Park Lane please let us know ASAP as that information will help us when creating and balancing classes.

Parents wishing to provide input in their child’s placement for the upcoming school year may do so using our Learning Environment Request Form. Under the current circumstances we are providing an online Google Form for this (https://forms.gle/uE2Fh2ZGcoNcgZam8). Please remember that specific teacher requests will not be accepted, but learning environment information and other useful information that can aid us in a student’s placement is welcomed. This form is now live, and an email copy was included with this newsletter if you’d like to fax or scan/email it. Requests will be accepted until Friday, May 7th.

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