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September 21, 2023 – Minutes

Park Lane Elementary
School Community Council Meeting Minutes September 21, 2023

Park Lane School Community

Proposed Council Meeting Agenda

September 21, 2023

In-Person/Virtual Meeting @ 7 p.m. – Link to the meeting: meet.google.com/obh-uypn-cqj


  • Park Lane SCC Organization and Business [30 minutes]
    • Welcome & Introductions
    • Approve Public Roster (email addresses and phone numbers)
      • SCC members confirmed their information was correct 
    • Elections of chair, vice chair, and note taker
      • Chris Sharp was nominated to be the SCC Chair, Jason LeGore was nominated to be Vice Chair, and Ashley Mills was nominated to be note taker
      • Motion: Jen Coccimiglio, Second: Jeannette, Council unanimous in the affirmative
    • Review By-laws as necessary
      • Everyone agreed no changes were necessary
      • Motion: Ashley Mills, Second: Isaac Zeigler, Council unanimous in the affirmative
        • Chris Sharp, Jason LeGore, and Greg Liddiard were not present for this vote

    • Establish future meeting dates and times
      • SCC will meet on Thursdays at 6:00pm in the Park Lane Elementary School conference room on the following dates:
        • October 26th 2023
          • Finalize School Safety Report, Digital Citizenship Report, and Safe Walking Routes – Due Nov. 1s
        • November 11th 2023
          • Discuss TSSP and Land Trust plans for 24-25 school year
        • January 18th 2024
        • February 15th 2024
        • March 21st 2024
          • Finalize TSSP and Land Trust – Due April 9th
        • April 18th 2024
        • May 16th 2024
          • Approve budgets for 24-25 school year
      • We will follow the SCC Timline found here: https://www.canyonsdistrict.org/scc/timeline/

    • Establish a plan for how we inform parents without internet access (required), and how to notify families of agenda items.
      • We will continue to use the public bulletin board in the main school hallway
      • Motion: Joseph Demma, Second: Jason LeGore, Council unanimous in the affirmative
    • Determine Digital Citizenship Week Plan (October 16th-18th)
      • We decided to use district approved resources and agendas. Teachers teach mini lessons and we will continue to promote district planned parent nights
      • Motion: Jason LeGore, Second: Isaac Zeigler, Council unanimous in the affirmative
  • SCC State & District Information [20 minutes]
    • Information from the district’s PTA president and SCC chair luncheon (Chris) 
      • Chris didn’t feel that there were action items for the SCC. The Superintendent did talk about decreasing attendance and pushed compulsory education. This led to a discussion about Park Lane’s decreasing attendance; why kids aren’t attending and what can be done. In summary, the teachers are frustrated because their ability to enforce required attendance is limited.
    • Review district SCC Training Options
      • Those that haven’t attended were encouraged to do so
  • Park Lane Data & Information [20 minutes]
    • Review of current school TSSP & Land Trust plan
    • Review of Available Data
      • 2023 End of Year including RISE data
        • In summary, every grade, with the exception of a couple, met their ELA and Math goals and we are DOMINATING in the district! When compared to other elementary schools with similar demographics throughout the state, we have the best scores by 10-15 points in every category. The 4th graders beat the state RISE score by almost 40 points and the 5th graders by 41 points.
        • It was noted that we have a lot of above average kids at the beginning of the year and they are still above average at the end of the year. The question, what are we doing to challenge those kids, was asked. The answer is extensions. Park Lane employs ELA and Math extension teachers to push those kids who need a challenge. Kids who are below average and need intervention work in small
        • We all acknowledge that Park Lane has incredible, tenured teachers and an amazing culture! Because KIDS!

      • Beginning of the year data
        • This wasn’t available yet.
  • Budgets Review & Proposal [10 minutes]
    • Review of current Land Trust and TSSA budgets
      • We approved these in May 2023
    • Cell Tower Grant Requests
      • Approved 2 requests for Brain Pop
        • Motion: Justin Jeffery, Second: Jen Coccimiglio, Council unanimous in the affirmative
  • Odds & Ends
    • Safety Review
    • Celebrations or Concerns


Motion to adjourn: Isaac Zeigler, Second: Jeannette Knight – Council unanimous in the affirmative. Meeting dismissed at 7:19 pm


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