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Park Lane School Community
Proposed Council Meeting Agenda
November 19, 2020

Agenda Items:

  1. Welcome & Follow-up Items (7:00)
    1. Review and approve last meeting’s minutes
    2. Report on training(s)
  2. 2020 End of Year Land Trust Summary (7:10)
    1. Basic summary of last year’s spending (to be posted online as well)
  3. Digital Citizenship and School Safety Report/Discussion (7:30)
    1. Prior to the meeting please read and review the attached PDF document as well as the district school safety and digital citizenship report at:
    2. Review completion requirements (Data Dashboard)
    1. Canyons Living Leader Information (8:00)
      1. Michelle Theurer is Park Lane’s Living Leader —appointed champions of wellness at our schools and district facilities who encourage and incentivize healthy living and behaviors.
        1. Attend three meetings a year and share information with their school or department as to activities and initiatives being sponsored by the Wellness Committee.
        2. Create or coordinate wellness-related activities at their school or department (fun runs, team-building activities, group yoga, bocce tournaments, pickle ball, student and patron related wellness activities, health and wellness guest speakers, contests and more).
        3. Track and report all wellness-related activities conducted or promoted at the leader’s location.
        4. Document and post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) various wellness activities sponsored by or run by their location using the #CanyonsLiving hashtag.
        5. Promote Canyons Living initiatives.
        6. Provide suggestions for improvements related to the District Wellness activities.
  4. Budget Requests (8:10)
    1. Teacher cell tower grant requests
    2. Chromebook rotation need
  5. Odds and Ends (8:20)
    1. Update on open positions and hiring.
    2. Celebrations or Concerns
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