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March 21, 2024 – Agenda

Park Lane School Community

Proposed Council Meeting Agenda


March 21, 2024

In-Person/Virtual Meeting @ 6:00 p.m. – Link to the meeting: meet.google.com/obh-uypn-cqj

Attendees: TBD


Agenda Items:


  1. Welcome & Follow-up Items (6:00)
    1. Review and approve last meeting’s minutes (January)
  2. Data Review of 2023-24 TSSP and progress towards goals (6:10)
    1. Review of data in all areas of the plans
  3. Discuss and Approve Proposed TSSP and Land Trust Plan for 2024-2025 (6:25)
    1. Update draft in any areas per SCC recommendations
    2. Vote for approval
  4. Review & Planning (6:45)
    1. Other needs for Park Lane Discussion
    2. Next Year Planning
  5. Budget Requests (6:55)
    1. Teacher cell tower grant requests
    2. Other budget needs?
      1. Basketball backboards update
      2. SCC Cell Tower supply money for Teacher of the Year?
  6. Odds and Ends (7:05)
    1. Safe Route Responses (5 min)
    2. Other items to discuss?


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