Parking Lot Safety Rules

A Reminder of Park Lane’s Safety Rules

In order to keep our children safe, it is important that we work together as a team. We have procedural rules in place to help keep everyone safe. Some of the rules may seem silly and irrelevant, but all the rules have reasons behind them, which directly relate to keeping our children safe. Only when everyone follows the rules, whether they appear to make sense or not, will we insure the safety of all our children.

THE PARKING LOT GATES Drop off Pick up Map

The gates to the parking lot are closed in the morning from 8:10 - 8:30 a.m. The gates are closed in the afternoon from 3:00 - 3:20 p.m. and 1:20– 1:40 p.m. on our short day (usually Fridays, but may be different days of the week on shortened weeks). No parents will be allowed through the gates at these times. Our teachers and safety patrol are instructed to keep the gates closed during this time and to accept no excuses. The principal must approve all exceptions.

The parking lot is a one-way area and no one will be allowed out the “IN” gate or in the “OUT” gate. If you are in the parking lot before the gates are closed, we will not open the gates to let you out. Instead, we ask that you be patient. You will need to wait in the parking lot area until the gates are opened at the regular times (8:30 a.m., 3:20 p.m., or 1:40 p.m.).

THE HORSESHOE DROP-OFF/PICK-UP AREA (south side of the building)

This area is wide enough for two lanes of traffic. The lanes in the horseshoe are clearly marked. The lane closest to the school is for drop off and pick up. You may stop in this lane long enough to let someone out or pick someone up. Do not park in this area. The lane closest to the street is the drive-through lane. You are not allowed to stop AT ALL in the drive-through lane. Its only purpose is to drive-through, not to let out or pick up children.

When you pull into the drop-off/pick-up lane, pull as far forward as you can, drop your child(ren) off or pick them up, then pull into the drive-through lane to exit. Please make sure you check for traffic before you pull out, others may be pulling around to exit at the same time. Only stop once in the horseshoe. Do not drop some of your children off at the back and some of your children off at the front. It restricts the flow of traffic.

Please instruct your children to never run through the horseshoe area. This is especially dangerous when children see a parent’s car on the street or in the drive-through lane and run to the car. This puts their lives in danger. Please stress to your children that the horseshoe area is off limits to run or walk through.

There are painted crosswalks in the parking lot. When children exit their cars from the horseshoe or walk into the parking lot, they need to stay on the painted crosswalks and look for cars. When waiting to be picked up at the horseshoe, the children should wait at the west end of the horseshoe where a waiting area has been painted.

Never park in the horseshoe area. It is used several times during the day by kindergarten. Even if you think it is safe to park there because it is the middle of the day, it can be dangerous for our youngest students.


Crossing guards are at the school from 8:00-8:30 a.m. and from 3:00 – 3:25 p.m. There are NO crossing guards for AM kindergarten dismissal or for PM kindergarten arrival. The Sandy City Police Department and the School request that parents escort their kindergarteners to and from kindergarten.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT CARS SHOULD NEVER ENTER A MARKED CROSSWALK AT ANYTIME THE CROSSING GUARD OR SAFETY PATROL IS IN THE CROSSWALK! If your children need to cross a street to be picked up by you, they need to walk down the street to the corner and use the crossing guard. Crossing in the middle of the street without a crossing guard is very dangerous and will not be allowed.


Children who walk to school are asked to enter the school grounds through the gated areas. If your child enters on the north end of the building, ask them to stay on the sidewalk next to the fence and walk up to the school. If your child enters on the south end of the building, ask them to use the crosswalk area painted on the east side of the gate. We also have painted crosswalk areas around the horseshoe. The painted areas are safe zones for our children. It is important that all children stay on the designated crossing areas.

We do not allow anyone to enter the school grounds by climbing the grass hill into the parking lot. Please tell your children to always use the sidewalks.

PLEASE DO NOT JAYWALK – all parents and children should cross only at the corner in marked crosswalks, even when there are no crossing guards present.


Please do not make u-turns on 2300 East. Please obey all traffic rules, which will make everyone safer.

We work with Sandy Police Department to address our safety issues. Our staff and safety patrol has been instructed by Sandy PD to write down license plate numbers of offenders, so that an officer can contact the individual. My hope is that we do not have to move to the step of reporting our parents to the police.


We have four buses that bring students to Park Lane. In order to deliver the students safely, the bus enters the north gate, drives down to the south end of the parking lot, makes a u-turn and drives through the lane in front of the school. All students and parents must be behind the yellow curb when the bus pulls through. The bus must exit through the entrance (north) and has the right-of-way over incoming traffic.

The purpose of this program is not to offend parents, but to have them join us in making it safe for our children. Some of the things we are asking you to do may take a little longer, but the procedure is much safer. If we all understand the rules and follow them, it will insure that all of our children are safe. We are a team and our goal is so important to keep all our children safe.

Thank you for your cooperation in this important issue. Karen O. Medlin, Principal