Mission Statement and Core Values

Mission Statement

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Core Values



Our school provides:

·      A safe and secure environment

·      A welcoming, respectful, trusting, and             supportiive culture

·      An exciting, fun, and engaging learning environment

·      Celebrations of achievement, success and progress

·      Support for all members of the educational community to become instructional leaders


Our school advocates:

·      All students can learn and succeed at grade level

·      Student learning is individual

·      Progress for every child

·      Student empowerment as learners, with unlimited possibilities for learning and growth


Our school fosters:

·      Student-centered learning

·      The belief that learning is non-negotiable and failure is not an option

·      Celebrations of all progress and overcoming of obstacles

·      Learning that includes academic, behavioral and social competencies

·      Students who are college, career and citizenship ready


Our school ensures:

·      Every leader is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating academic and behavioral data

·      Data is used to inform instructional decision-making

·      The use of current evidence-based practice

·      Appropriate instruction for all learning abilities

·      Students are taught strategies necessary for achievement


Our school promotes:

·      All leaders, at every level, are responsible for the learning and well-being of each student

·      Teacher collaboration, using data and professional development, for the benefit of all students

·      A professional learning community